16lb Mangalitsa Pork Assortment


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The Mangalitsa is a slow-growing, lard-type hog dating back to 1830s Europe where they were primarily raised for their abundant, ultra-high-grade fats used in lard and sausage making. Their deep red-colored pork, decadent and flavorful, surrounded in the most creamy, white, buttery fat which turns almost translucent when heated.

Each assortment typically contains a 4-6 lb Bone-in Loin, Shoulder or Smoked Ham Roast; 4-6 lbs of Chops, Steaks, and cuts; 2 lbs of Breakfast Sausage; 2 lbs of Bratwurst, Italian Sausage or Ground Pork; and 2 lbs of either Bacon or Smoked Ham Steaks. Reasonable substitutions can be made available at the time of pickup. 

Additional information

Bone-in Roast

Loin, Shoulder, Smoked Ham


Bratwurst, Mild Italian, Hot Italian, Ground Pork

Smoked Items

Bacon, Centercut Ham Steaks


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